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Be afe : Keep yourself updated of all threats to your child, Be in Control

Our Suraksha Android Apps helps you to understand the danger levels and triggers Distress Alert, Distress SMSes, Distress call and Distress E-mail to Pre-identified contacts on the Child's smart phone by clicking Power Button three times. Our App is designed to give the Parents/guardian, the freedom to listen and record the Child's conversations in event of danger alert being triggered– remotely (Advanced Version) without the knowledge of the potential Predators. Thus, Our Suraksha Android Apps help Parents/Guardians to be with children all the times and form a Suraksha around their child.

Be ure : Know the Whereabouts of Your Child – Anytime, All the Time, 24 x 7 – Ensure their Safety Always.

Our Surakha Android Apps tracks the GPS position of the child 24 x 7; this gives comfort to Parents/Guardians on the whereabouts of their children at all times. Parents can check if the child went to Class/Tuitions on time and the places visited by the child during the day. The advanced Geo-fencing feature in Suraksha Kavach helps Parents to define the 'Fence' of the area they would like their Child to remain in. The Geo-Fence alert on the Parent's mobile phone informs them the moment Child steps out of the defined Fence and can trace his/ her path on line and take necessary precautions thus reinforcing Safety for the child.

Be ecure : Ensure that Your Child is Doing the Right things in Your Absence

Being Online, at all times thanks to smart phones, the dangers of the net are increasing day by day; be it – access to vulgar content, cyber bullying, online sexual predators, falling prey to financial cybercrimes, hate crimes, chat room driven dating, kidnapping, and even cyber deaths, etc. Our Suraksha Android Apps aims to become a Mentor to the child and helps parents define "Unacceptable to family content" – and being able to track all activities including Websites visited, Phone logs, SMS logs all the time thereby forming a Suraksha Kavach around them.

For detailed Features of Suraksha - Power of #1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker & Suraksha Kavach
Suraksha is a Hindi (an Indian language) word which means Safety, Security, & Shelter
SurakshaKavach is a Hindi (an Indian language) word which means forming a Impregnable Defensive Cocoon of Protection & Assurance around a person.