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Family Safety Tips

Six Safety tips to keep your Near & Dear ones Safe

Always be informed of your ward's every day's travel plans ( if you have downloaded the '#1 Suraksha – GPS Tracker' or 'Suraksha Kavach', you can keep track of their actual travel location through 'Trace Path' on the On Line Control panel.)

Identify four or five close friends/relatives/acquaintances who can drop everything and rush to you in case of emergency.

Have a secret family code agreed and understood by all – to identify the 3 levels: Red (Extreme level of danger/ threat to Life - SOS); Amber (Medium level of danger/ Threat to well being – Need immediate help) and Orange (Low level of danger / Threat of argument/ fight – Might need help)

Agree on the family's response, in case of Receipt of Auto Distress call – Listen carefully for agreed secret family code which your ward will say as a clue (approximately 2 minutes after clicking twice on the power button to activate Distress Alert/ SMS and Call)

Note : If you try speaking to your ward or try calling your ward, in case of disconnection, you might end up in a situation that your ward's mobile phone is taken away. In such an event, you might loose track of your ward's location.

Plan your response to the situation – Who will you reach out for help? From the local Police to close Friends, keep all options open. Identify friends close to your ward's location who can reach them faster. Remember, It is an emergency situation.

Be Cool, Be Calm, Scramble your SWAT team and rescue your Ward.

Last but not the least; install our 'Suraksha – Power of 5', Test out the App's Distress signal & other key features. Do a role play with your wards in the event of any of the 3 levels of danger.

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